Tools Browser & Installer Within Renoise

Not sure if this has already been mentioned…

I think the whole process of browsing and installing tools could be streamlined and made easier.

My suggestions is for a way to browse tools and install them within Renoise.

You could have an online browser integrated into the tool browser so you could install new tools as well as manage existing ones without having to leave Renoise.

It would also be useful to have a Tools option in the browser list next to the transport controls where you have Song, DSP Chain etc…

I think integrating tools more visibly into Renoise would probably increase the usage of tools and make then feel like an integral part of the program rather than an add on.

Apologies if this has already been discussed.


I think Bantai was on this case a long time ago, but he seems to have disappeared??

Better integration sounds like a great idea, it would probably also raise expectations on area of liability and responsibility which is specifically weaved on the tools page.
Integration of the liability checkbox into the toolbrowser was one of the challenges i believe (or what is attached to it on juridical matters)

The tool checker (which is one of the few integrated tools) at least allows to offer you to download updates for existing tools.

Ah yes, I see what you mean, maybe you could have the liability statement in a pop up with a ‘Accept and Install’ button.

If the legal issues is going to be more hassle than its worth then its probably not worth bothering. The thought occurred to me after seeing some really cool tools but with a low number of downloads.

A few things come to mind about the legal side of things though. How is this tackled with VST’s? Surely the same liability issues would apply there?
And also how does software like Reaktor or Max/MSP deal with this liability issue? Don’t tools kind of fall into the same category as Reaktor and Max devices?


While that’s a pretty damn good idea, there are about a hundred other features I’d honestly rather see added first.

Fair point :)

Maybe its something that can be done as a tool instead.

I can’t speak for other applications regarding their tools. Regarding VST:These plugins are closed source binaries and beyond the power of the Renoise devs to solve all issues with. Almost all Renoise tools are pretty much open source and it is fairly easy to access and create stuff in there which makes it also easier to enable risks. In short:
-If a plugin crashes Renoise, devs can point to the plugin developer in the majority of cases,
-If a tool crashes Renoise, the Renoise devs have to perform effort in almost all cases to fix it.It would be foolish though to not use some kind of claim protection to prevent getting financially stripped to the bone in these cases. People will always attempt to do so when they smell an opportunity

Thanks for that insight vV, I’m assuming the tools (and LUA) are sandboxed so the risk should be minimal, but like you say you don’t want to open yourselves up for support headaches on 3rd party tools. I do like the way some tools are now being bundled so maybe that is the way forward.