Tools Browser View

Just a suggestion…

IMHO a “Tools” view in the Disk Browser that would allow to browse disk for XRNX would be quite intuitive and stick to the ‘standards’ of Renoise’s UI.
We could have checkboxes on the left of XRNX files to install/uninstall the tools.
To keep it simple, this browser view might only display a special directory where XRNX shall be put in, by convention.

BTW, I feel impatient to start scripting! Thanks to the devs for opening the way to geeks like me :)

You mean like “Tool Browser” in the Tools menu does? :D

i actually like the way it is now.

it cant be made more simple,than it is now IMHO

Not quite,
The tool browser displays installed tools, allowing the user to load/unload them.
To install a new tool we have to drag’n’drop the xrnx onto Renoise’s window… To me it appears as an unusual concept!

What I was trying to propose is a view in which you would be able to perform this first time installation of the xrnx’s in a more usual way… Like browsing the disk using disk browser, select an xrnx file and install it.

Once again, these were just personal thoughts, I won’t say “Goodbye Renoise” if you don’t agree :lol:

Apparently something like this seems necessary as some folks think they have to drag and drop the tool on the Renoise application “icon” (which seems more common on OSX i guess) rather than dropping it on the “running” application window.

Yet I still haven’t been able to drag and drop any tools on the window, Even with B2 …Strange :(

Windows 7?

I found out we could drop multiple xrnx files onto renoise the other day.
download all scripts>>select all scripts>>drag & drop all scripts on renoise window>> click through overwrite & install: Success.
It’s been that easy.

Yep… I have figured it out now , I have to set my admin on the renoise folder to be modified first