Tools For Percussion Sound

Can anyone make a tool that generate percussive sound, bass drum, snare, hi hats, tom…?
Here’s some 808 type percussion by Cas made with the overtune tool.
You can also do a lot without any tools with the native effects and the sample editor.

Hey man, I was actually thinking about making a tool like that, but atm there’s no GUI-with-faders-and-rotaries tool I could think of that has the same freedom as overtune has… maybe another day. My mind is working on it. I do know that in my opinion Reason’s Kong (since you got Reason 6.5 in your list ;)) has got AWESOME drum synths, have you tried those?

anyway so to get you started in Overtune drum programming, try this

  • launch overtune with an empty instr slot (my shortcut is Shift-E)
  • where it says sin(X) type: sin(XX*(.5+.5*rd(T,2)))*rd(T,2)
  • exit the editing mode with enter, then press Shift-4 and then up until the ‘times’ value says 16
  • press enter to render the tune and scroll up on the ‘loop mode’ selector under the sample editor window
  • hit anywhere e.g. F-3 to hear a start of a nice kick

continued, ideas

  • go to sample editor window again
  • press your overtune shortcut again to edit instrument
  • press Shift-1 to edit formula
  • press Home and type ‘semifold(’ at the start of the formula (without the quote marks)
  • then press End to type this at the end: ‘, .1+.1rd(T,2), .4rd(T,4))’
  • double Enter press to render

to make a snare you wanna

  • add noise: prepend ‘noise(’ and append: ‘, .4, 4)’
  • add more noise: append ‘+.4*bi(rnd())*rd(T,2)’
  • probably add more fold distortion on the track you program your snare in, filtering, reverb maybe

to make a hat, real simple:

  • formula (again, duration or ‘times’ value should be like 20 or higher) : ‘bi(rnd())*rd(T,5)’
  • add a HP filter on the track cutoff at least 12 KHz

for toms you can use the same start as kickdrums, just launch them at higher or lower pitch and maybe adjust duration and use clip() to give it punch

(also, I can’t make the tool like that because I don’t really know how to make a proper LPF or HPF like the ones in renoise itself :))

Of course if you want to offer up one of those many synthesizers you got you can have your drums tool ;D