Tools for working on stems or exported audio from other apps/hardware

I’m wondering if there are any tools out there that assist with importing and working on stems? I have a load of stuff done in mobile apps and hardware, either as long stems or short loops and I think it would be interesting to work on these inside Renoise.

I was about to make one but thought I’d look for what else is out there first?

Well, since you’re here, I ask you an indirectly related thing.

Do you know if it is possible to delete a file (and add) with administrator permissions (Windows 10) through LUA? For example, delete the file “metronome.wav” from Renoise.

I know it is possible to delete a file within a normal folder.

About your tool approach, I have no idea.

Not sure about Windows because I’m on Mac… have tried os.execute on whatever the command line argument is for deleting files?

There is a tool I just discovered that’s pretty amazing, it can extract individual things from a recording and put them into separate stems, Vocals, Drums, Bass…etc

It’s hard to believe but it actually works well, it’s called Spleeter. It’s a commandline utility.

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Just drag n drop them in the instrumetns box.

I will study it. I can easily control with io to edit text files, which allows me to do many things with TXT or XML files, without using a library or additional things for XML. But another kind of files with administrator permissions, I think I will have problems. If they were unprotected files I think it would be possible.

About the focus of your tool, what do you intend, import audio files from other applications directly into a specific instrument? Is this not simply locating specific folders and importing your files to a certain extensions, or is it something else?

Not quite what I was looking for, but thanks for the heads up, this looks very interesting…

Mostly about making simple repetitive tasks easier when importing audio from elsewhere…

Some things I’ve encountered, that I’ve started to address with some custom scripts:

  1. Speeding up repetitive tasks, for example I have a mobile app which saves each pattern as a folder full of samples, this gets tedious loading everything in manually so I have created a script to load loads of files, keymap them, turn on beatsync and autoseek and then write them to a pattern and create a song sequence.

  2. Importing long stems files, setting up slice markers at pattern boundaries and creating a song sequence for easy remixing.

  3. Loading files exported out of Korg Gadget as Ableton sessions and pulling in the scenes to Renoise Patterns…

I suppose every use case is different based on each app and circumstances, I was just wondering if any of these issues had been encountered by other users working with other apps to create source material for further working and remixing in Renoise…

Mobile apps in particular are great for generating ideas but I always like to get onto a desktop to finish and polish things off