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Ok, so far I organized all the tools that are accesible via tool browser. I think I did it correct, but I’m not sure about “MIDI/OSC Remote Control --> MIDI Mapping”. So all the tools are assigned to a certain entry in the manual, so maybe a certain part of manual could have the listing of tools that improve/aleter it’s workflow.

Of course, if somebody spots a mistake in the assigning, let me know. And if someone could match the no ideas it also would be cool. Ok here it goes:

1.Global Song Control --> Song Settings

Groove Tool

2.Song Construction --> Recording and Editing Notes

Iterative quantizatize

3.Mixing --> Mixer

Set Track Delay In Samples In The Mixer
Show Automated Sliders In The Mixer

4.Loading/Saving Files --> Disk Browser

Additional File Format Import Support

5.Rendering and Resampling --> Render or Freeze Plugin Instruments to Samples

Freeze Track

6.Rendering and Resampling --> Render Song to Audio File

Render Song to Soundcloud
Midi Convert

7.Song Construction --> Playing Notes with the Computer Keyboard

Scale Mapper

8.Song Construction --> Pattern Matrix

Auto Clone Patterns

9.Instrument Editing --> Instrument Settings
Instrument mixer
Midi Management Console
Slice Master
Vsti From Menu

10.Applying effects --> Track DSPs :

Toggle DSPs
Synchronize Modulation DSPs
Auto Maximize Selected DSP Device
Sir dancealot

11.Song Construction --> Pattern Editor
[Groove Tool]
Convert Instrument Number
Auto Capture Instrument From First Note
Epic Arpeggiator
Clear track
Volume Scale
Rotate Pattern
PatternEditor Find And Replace
Custom Pattern Navigation
Strum Notes
Randomize Notes
Print My Chords
Set Track To Active Columns
Clear Junk Data
Split into separate tracks
Broaden Selection
Step sequencer
Group Selected Tracks

12.Automating effects --> Graphical Automation

Copy Automation
Automation multiplier
13.MIDI/OSC Remote Control --> MIDI Mapping

SysEx Librarian
JX Programmer
Push Back
Midi Zoom Select

14.Sample Editing --> Sample Editor

Rubberband timestretch & pitch shift
Custom Wave Synth
Batch convert stereo to mono

15.Introduction & Welcome --> Main Screen

Simple IRC Client
Best views

16.Global Song Control --> Transport Panel

Musical Programming Environment
Play and Loop Pattern


Dj Tools - Crossfader
Grid Pie

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Looks like a good start.

You have a few options here about where to put things, and whether to put tools in more than one category.

However, I would suggest the following new category:

  1. Performance / Live Use:
  • Dj Tools - Crossfader
  • Cells!
  • Grid Pie

and split section 13 and 14 into two parts each:

13a.MIDI/OSC Remote Control --> MIDI Mapping

  • Push Back
  • Midi Zoom Select

13b.MIDI/OSC Remote Control --> External hardware

  • SysEx Librarian
  • JX Programmer
  • Pking
  • Guru


14a. Sample Editing --> Sample Editor

  • Rubberband timestretch & pitch shift
  • Batch convert stereo to mono

14b. Sample Editing --> Sample Synthesis

  • Custom Wave Synth
  • PadSynth
  • AwesomeSawce
  • Overtune
  • ReSynth

Regarding what’s left in ‘no idea’ I would probably put paketti in 11 (Song Construction --> Pattern Editor) and Nibbles in an ‘entertainment’ or ‘misc’ category.

Yeah, I agree with you mxb about that, but I wanted them to be labeled as some certain entries in the manual, so that if someaone reads about some aspect, he may also check out the tools list attached to it and see if he’s interested in something.

I’d put Groove Tool in 11.Song Construction --> Pattern Editor as well

Yeah, that’ll might be a good idea but look, if somebody reads about groove in the manual, and that is in the Global Song Control → Song Settings, he will be able to take a look a Groove Pool right then, instead of looking in the pattern editor entry. So maybe it should belong to both entries? I’ll edit the list then and put it in pattern editor in brackets

It’s me again, bumping the thread just to say I’m still here.

I just want to make sure that we’re clear that I’m creating a single page called “Tools FAQ” (or some better name) and not putting links to the tools on the other pages.

Right now the first post doesn’t have URLs. Example:


  1. Instrument Editing --> Instrument Settings

Midi Management Console
Slice Master
Vsti From Menu


Before I can actually make this page it would be cool if you (or someone else) did the links like above. Also, we need some sort of intro paragraph. I won’t just cut and paste a bunch of links onto a page.

Thanks again. Good progress so far.

Ok links done, what now? Paragraph? What exactly do you mean?

Hi Vietkong, one error in the document… link called “Play and Loop Pattern” links to Overtune instead of the correct link (