Tools Page Suggestion

So, there are a dozen or so tools in XRNX Tool Announcements & Discussion that aren’t on the Tools page.

Mostly because they are alpha quality and unstable. Fine, that’s a great reason not to be on the tools page.

That said, it would be nice to have a blurb saying “Looking for the bleeding edge tools? Check the forums…” somewhere more prominent.

I know the tab is there, which is great, but if I’m a Renoise Newbie and a Linux veteran who works on the kernel in C++, or not a forum regular but I do own the AlphaTrack or FaderPort, maybe I miss out on some stuff?

Suggestions, but maybe a questions?

  • I’d like to collapse my changelogs using some sort of tag. Is this possible?

  • How did you embed the Salary Man Man video one the Export Tool Tool page? Can anyone do this or just admins?