Tools Page: Upload A Pdf

Just a thought that crossed my mind recently.

With the tools getting more and more advanced, detailed manuals are becoming more and more necessary. However, the tools page only allows uploading of XRNX files, leading to documentation being uploaded ‘haphazardly’ to various places on the internet and linked in the tools description.

I think it would be a good idea to allows PDF uploads as supporting documentation for the XRNX tools.

+1. also it would be really decent to have a requirement of at least one video to showcase what it does.

Most scripts come with zero documentation, and not even any information as to where the scripts are in menu_entries.

telling the name of the keyboard shortcut, midimapping or menu_entry to search for should be mandatory.

What’s a good, free, cross-platform pdf creator? Adobe only do the Reader for free don’t they? Support for text (.txt .rtf .doc) may be a good idea as maybe not everybody is used to generating pdfs.