Maybe this has been mentioned before, but what about a help system in Renoise? First idea would be that when the mouse hovers over a button for so long, tooltips or a message in the status bar would list it’s shortcut key (combination).
Or there could be extended tooltips, for things like the MetaDevices and so on, explaining it’s use with a few words.

This, along with the color coding of the pattern data that someone else suggested, would help alot.

To have it a bit elegant, you could disable the tooltips, etc when playing.

can’t be very precise, but I’m sure that tooltips for some ReNoise sections have already been implemented for next version

there’s one problem i face with tooltips on windows… ever tried running milkdrop (winamp) in desktop mode? try that, and hover your mouse over something that will pop a tooltip. you see the graphics freeze for a while? it happens in not just winamp but other apps i can’t remember - and sometimes it screws the audio a bit.

well i don’t really know what’s wrong, but uh, i hope it doesn’t happen in renoise.

COol It-Alien. I thought I’d already replied to this, but there’s not much to say, except I’ll follow it with interest. ;)