Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 Routing Problem

i’m trying to make some drums using Toontrack Superior Drummer 2, all goes fine, but i would like to add some extra VST FX for the hi hats track and something else for cymbals. The thing is that i don’t know how to route the things to have different drums on different track, for applying different FX.
I tried playing with track routing settings, but i don’t understand well how it all works, as in Superior VSTi i see BUS 1/2 - KICK, and in Track Routing window, there is Bus #1 S1/2/S2/3. If i route this #1 to the KICK track in pattern (and i have different tracks for kick, snare, toms, etc) it still plays KICK on one of the drum tracks in pattern…

Could you give me some advice on that?
My Renoise version: 2.1.0, but i already ordered the latest version

VST protocol does not allow routing channels refresh. the only plugin with which I have tried this is Native Instruments Kontakt, which warns you about the fact that you have to close the whole application (Renoise) after you have added the new channels in order for the changes to take effect. Notice that closing Renoise must be the first thing you do after creating the new channels in order to make the task actually work.

I’ve scratched my head a lot about this, but closing Renoise each time you add any single channel generally works in a couple of tries :)

Thanks, i found the solution