Top beginner questions

theres a few questions i have thank u im advance

  1. can you quantize in renoise ?

  2. can you change time

  3. has anyone made a good turorial on vocal recording in renoise

  4. can you get the song to play in a certain part of the block ie loop , instead of going back to the beginning of the song ?

im going to use renoise as my only daw i have come back to it and realised its a really good program

its just the music making is gonna be slow while i get my head around its workflow
so any help is appreciated if i think of more questions i will asd thank you people

  1. right-click on the track and select quantization in the context menu, you can also use the hotkeys “ctrl + q”, the latter works only on the selected section of the track, so that the whole track can be used with the “alt + t” key combination. Quantization can also be used through the bottom context menu: Без названия (1)
    when the “Q” function is turned on, the quantization of what is happening automatically when playing live will be on the keyboard

2, 4: Screenshot_1



thank u