Top List Of Music Hosting Websites

Hello there renoise land,i am looking for a big list of music hosting websites that the community considers to be of the best quality and service.I know of soundcloud,bandcamp and soundclick.Any suggestions greatlyappreciated,cheers LuNg


^^^ shameless referral URL so you and I get more hosting space (e.g. for every friend who joins and installs Dropbox, we’ll give you both 250 MB of bonus space) pitch in to win? ^^^

You get free space, a decent interface, and you can use the Public Link Feature to host your files.

PS: I realise you said “Plz audio only(no file sites)” but I do sincerely think Dropbox is of the highest quality; it doesn’t reek of MEGAUPLOAD style spammer crap at all.

I think he didn’t mean cloud services or storage but sites where to promote. I can’t add any to that list but in case of cloud services i would recommend ubuntu one because it gives 5GB of free storage.

Me and my friends are putting together a new music media site check it out

Dropbox is stunting with allowing up to 16GB free, now each referal gets 500MB extra instead of 250 mb…
So there is definately some kind of space wars going on here :D