Top Ten Finalist In Remix Compo!

My wife wanted me to remix Melanie C’s (formerly known as Sporty Spice of Spice Girls) “Your Mistake” It was selected as a top 10 finalist and the public gets to vote from there.

You can vote for the best remix @

Show a fellow renoiser some love and vote :) my wife really wants the signed lyric sheet prize and i wouldn’t mind the headphones that i’d win for the remix :D


Voted. Good luck.

Thank You! <33333

You got my vote. Good luck

Voted too.

Thank You Hooligan!
Thank You Beatslaughter!


Those are some sweet headphones, too - hope you win em!

Thank You Wot Gwaan! Lol they are worth the price I paid for my computer X)

…results in yet? :)

“Oops! This link appears to be broken.”

is it over?

hmm, i don’t think so. because i just voted.
EDIT: and the e-mail i just received confirmed it!