I had been using the Phosycon 303 Emulator demo for a while, and before i upgraded my Mac to 10.5 it was all KOOSHTY (*fine)!
Since i did tho, it was like it unlocked some time bomb and i kept getting a nag screen.
I was recently trying to tweak some stuff up in a song for Byte, and got sick of it, thought i’d reinstall it…reinstalled the newest demo…lost everyTHING! EVVVVERRRYYYTHHNNNNNGGGG! the fuerkng thing doesnt even let you write patterns. It just blares out one random acid loop forever…
I was wondering, if anyone knew whether forking out, and buying phosycon would bring back all my loveable squelchy patterns. or are they lost forever…?
i knew i should have revisited all my tunes and bounced them properly too. Some i only have Mp3s of :(

maybe its a limitation in the demo??

I duno if you misunderstand.
Either you’re saying, its the limitation of the demo, and when/if i get the full version, the limitation will be lifted and it’ll be OK!! (!)
Or you think i asked why it’s not working…

build a x0x

if you reinstalled, maybe you have overwritten all your project files?