No serious audio engineer is using the EQ of Renoise afaik. For Renoise-only projects with no plug-ins on the other hand, this is more relevant of course. First of all, and I’ve stated this in other topics, I would be very happy if the EQ window could be expanded to a much larger window in a future version (pop-up?). That will automatically make things sound light-years better, with or without “corrected curves”.

Chris, totally agreeing. But this is about improving the mixing EQ to make it more usable in a musical way, and not about the general EQ.

Maybe I am also wrong in the assumption, that those patch level eqs are made for mixing. Though I just wanted to express that (at least here), the mixing EQ is never used, because I can not find a proper usage scenario for it. And I am totally missing a 6dB filter slope.