Yes, it would be good, and make especially the spectrogram useful for mixing AT ALL, so to say.

I am currently investigating to work around with some trick that came into my mind.

You can config which channel shall be analysed. This can also be a send.

So my idea was, to let the analyser work on a send channel, and send from where you want to analyse. Then you can gain, filter, pan etc the channel and have its results influenced this way. To mute the channel and still let it be analysed anyways, you have to place a “mute” send with no level to some dummy send channel.

For the spectrum you can also set up two of such channels, to compare two tracks with the same settings.

It also has the advantage that you can analyse what is going on inside of some dsp chain, just place a send to an analyser channel at the point you want to inspect.

The l/r scopes seem to be hardwired to the master, tho. I hope this will be improved, also scrolling speed/mode, timescale, a db scale, freezing etc.

But as its a bit hassle to set up and use, it would probably be best integrated into some script. Which will only be feasible when we are able to script the analyser modes, which was the other request you just started ;-D