There’s a choke option for samples and a solo option

No, not that kind of solo mode. I mean solo/mute per sample slot. If you build a multilayer instrument, that would be pretty helpful to be able to quickly hear a sample in solo, or maybe just a few and so on. Also was requested a bunch of times

definitely a +1 here for adding FX chains to plugin instruments, that would be really useful, especially for saving a plugin state + fx chain as one device in the instrument browser. Currently there’s no way to do that! (e.g. if I load an Absynth patch I like, and build an elaborate FX chain in the Track it’s on, I have to save the instrument and the track FX chain separately). FX chains for Plugins would allow saving the entire thing as one, just like with non-plugin Sample-based instruments.


if you would select the sources (sample or other chains) in the modulation chain, you could actually do this directly in the sample list: Click a modulation chain, and all routing-in samples will be highlighted in the sample list, ctrl+click selects/deselects them. So it would be actually less gui elements.