Uhm, I forgot to mention that in that submenu, you could select the processing dsp chain.

I just use the “render selection to sample” method for rendering with complex dsp setups + automation etc. Effects in the instrument fx or in the track I resample. This will also allow rendering the sample through another speed than default. Live preview with autoseek, note sequencing, using phrases, layering/mixing, parallel processing dsp, … This method is very powerful, only drawback is we can’t select sample rate at which we want to render the selection in other then by running whole renoise in that rate.

Whatever method should replace/expand the current process DSP FX function, should at least strive to be equally powerful, else I’d use it as little as the current sample processing function. I actually only used it to test how it works and then gone for render selection, never looked back. Hooray to the junk patterns/instruments at the end of the song, and the render song function not saving the selection in sequence so I always have to look where my song ends and where the “junk” patterns begin…

Hm I am looking for a very quick way for adding one or two dsp to a selection of a sample, with minimum of setup hassle.

If I use track dsp, I first have to route the sample to the specific track (that I only have to create for my editing) via a dsp chain, correct?

So I am aiming with my request a fast as possible workflow.

Or maybe I did not get what you meant?

I also am missing start and end values for processing, guys!! Like volume start, volume end! Makes no sense to ramp it up/down to silence any time!

The fastest workflow for editing parts of samples I found so far:

  1. create new instrument for editing, add a dsp chain, add your desired fx

  2. in original instrument, copy wanted sample area

  3. paste into new instrument and select first dsp chain, process by chain

  4. copy again, go to original instrument (selection should be still active), paste

Still seems to be quite complicated. Do you know any faster workflow?