Toronto Renoisers

Just wondering how many Renoise users are here in Toronto and wondering how you got into Renoise and electronic music. Also if there are any good shows or artists in or from Toronto that might be interesting.


I’m from Toronto :)

I too, am located in Toronto. From all the producers/DJs I’ve met and talked to here, no one seems to know anything about trackers, let alone Renoise. Stop by the Queensway Futureshop, I’m the sexy sixfoot cashier. I’d love to talk music and shit.

I’m from Burlington, which is Toronto-ish. I got into Renoise because of Conner_Bw (who also used to be from the Toronto area quite some ways back). I started using trackers in the scream tracker 3 days. I don’t know how long ago, but it feels like 20 years is about the right answer. Thank goodness we can use samples longer than 64k now!

I really wish there was some type of social setting you could go to write music. Like a bar/pub, but with workstations where you can hang out and write music. I think that is a cool idea. One of my cool ideas that has had very little thought put into it, and has no chance of me actually putting effort into!

in toronto!

I’ve heard that mainly Pro Tools is used in Toronto.

And Atlanta has got FL Studio

Starpilot (do a little search on ANYTHING 8bit or even in thos forums member section) and he is too… There;s some GREAT 8bit there. Bossfyte from This forum resides there to, I believe both of them… They do alot of the ‘DropFrame’ videomusic stuff. I’m in Winnipeg and go to Ontario quite frequently… great city you got there… love the night life and the ability to see artists I ACTULLY LIKE instead of downing my head in substance to get through the night lol!