Tortured On LSD (Organic Dark Soundtrack)

This is the most explicit track I have ever made. I used many recorded samples so that it sounds organic and the synthetic. This has nothing to do with a song, I would call it a sound effects accompanying a dark scene or horror/psycho. What I am criticizing in this tune is torturing little children by LSD doses and trying to let listeners hear what they go through and how their emotions are being wiped out. Enjoy & share!

Sounds good. I would add some amon tobin-esque beats and convert it into a track.

This is insane. I imagine you must be a very positive person :smiley:

Might be a bad listening option for people on LSD, though. Anyway, the sound design is great and original.

Thank YOu, Outstander! Yeah, I am very positive :smiley: this song is definitely not suitable for folks on drugs :smiley: