Total Noob Question

how do i load a sample or loop from my desktop? i know how to find it in the program, but i don’y know how to insert it into a track. help?

drag and drop it over into the most top left area, that’s the sampler.

Uhm, not to be picky, but don’t you mean “most top right area”?

Hi Carl - good to see that you made it back onto the forum at last!

There are some excellent video tutorials on the Renoise YouTube channel:

These will guide you through the basics of how to move around in Renoise, how to load instruments/samples, how to insert notes into the pattern, etc.

Renoise Beginner’s Tutorial - Part 1


Renoise Beginner’s Tutorial - Part 2


Renoise Beginner’s Tutorial - Part 3


that I did yes, what a night! :o