Touchosc And Duplex

Hi! I’m new here so please be gentle ;)

I am very interested in developing some TouchOSC templates for use with Renoise. At the present moment, the ‘simple’ template works directly with Duplex in Renoise 2.6.0. RC3 but only the first page (the others do nothing).

My main question is: how do you link the TouchOSC template items to items in Renoise? For example, /1/fader1 in TouchOSC to map to Track 1 channel volume in Renoise

I am assuming that there is a file somewhere (XML?) to do this and I just cannot find the files where this mapping takes place. (I must be missing something :unsure: )

I am a competent programmer (not in Lua but I am reading the tutorials!) and I just need some pointers to get me started. I’d like to get some of the other basic templates working first then go on to develop my own for live use. I know I can do this using PD and MIDI; I’d just thought it nice to bypass the ‘middle man’ and use OSC directly (AND I want to get into Processing later…)



Have a look at the Duplex API documentation:

PS: You are posting in the wrong sub-forum. XRNS development is for tools that manipulate Renoise song files, not the API. Look here instead…

Thanks, having a look at that now

D’oh. Sorry - what a muppet! Can you move this to the other sub-forum please?

The last page should contain the Matrix application? But yeah, the pads and crossfader are left unassigned on purpose. The pads are obviously good for triggering notes, but this is not possible ATM. The crossfader is also a work in progress…

Duplex is using an abstracted mapping system that enables multiple controls to be mapped in an instant (for example, the Matrix application has only a single mapping for the entire grid). This is radically different from how normal mappings work, so no wonder if expecting to look for something specific and can’t find it.

The mappings are spelled out in the device configurations. So, for TouchOSC it’s the TouchOSC.lua file you want to look in. There, you have a section called ‘mixer’ - which again has a section called mappings. Each mapping corresponds to a named group and index in the TouchOSC.xml control-map.

And yeah, study the Duplex API docs and ControlMap class for more info…

You know that using the Renoise API will enable you to query the program directly - something that can’t be done using PD, or any other platform (well, unless you specify custom GlobalMIDI/OSCActions, of course). You simply get the closest possible integration.

@Danoise: Many thanks for that! Just what I was looking for! (or not as the case maybe :huh:)

I will let you know how it goes