Touchosc On Renoise

Hello Trackers,

It’s been too long that I never shown myself in the boards since I left the Efficient Music Compo because of many other stuffs I managed. Enough of this Blah Blah… Anyway…

I posted this in the Beginners Questions because I don’t know where to post this. I know that I’m an experienced Renoise user but this not something to do about it. It’s all about this…

My uncle gifted me an iPad 1 Wifi + 3G 32GB for my birthday. I use it for education, gaming and etc… Past few months when I checked out the App Store, I discovered the iPad can be also a trackpad, graphics tablet, remote control, extended monitor and anything else. But last morning, I discovered while I’m searching the App Store that the iPad can be used as a MIDI controller. I do not have any experience on MIDI controllers yet. I believe that buying MIDI apps for iPad is more of a thumbs-up than buying the MIDI controller itself. I found MIDI controller apps but I landed at TouchOSC which I think is user-friendly and they are close with Renoise. I bought this app for $4.99. At first, I think this could be handy anywhere I want to make music but unfortunately, after I opened the app, (ashamed) I do not know where to start from.

Please, teach me how to setup TouchOSC with Renoise.

Thanks for your time for reading it!


Been discussed a fair few times, maybe the Search feature and one of these topics can help you.

Are you using a Mac? if so you can use midi over wireless with touchosc.

I made my own patches in Max/MSP to deal with osc to midi but that get pretty complicated.

you can also get the layout editor on the touchosc website.

Guys, I made it work using TouchOSC with Mix 2 iPad layout. I downloaded the layout editor suggested by syflom. This is useful because you can make your own templates. But the question about this editor, how do you assign each object to Renoise?


You do know about GlobalOscActions? It’s a lua file that sit in the Renoise application folder and contain all those default mappings

So you can produce a fancy GUI using TouchOSC, and set up Renoise to respond to certain commands by hacking into this file.

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