Touchpad 2 Midi For X/Y

just found this:

Touchpad 2 Midi - makes your touchpad to a midi controller!!

!!you need a Synaptics touchpad, it only works on that!! :(

and to use it in renoise you have to use it as an standalone application, that means you will need

savihost (the smaller version without keyboard will be enough!)
just copy the savihost.exe into the vst folder where the touchpad2midi.dll is and rename it to touchpad2midi.exe!

further you`ll need midiyoke or something like that - the only working virtual mididriver for x64 win i found was - works well!

just install it & create a session, activate it and take it as midi in device in renoise, open the touch2midi.exe and take the same device, viola your midicontroller is done!

you can activate your touchpad-midicontroller now - by turn caps lock on!

all this stuff is free to use so have fun with it ;)

Copperlan also does a great job for X64 (and is free).