Touchscreen for Renoise

Hi, does anyone have experiences with working on Renoise with a touchscreen?

Sort of. My laptop has a touchscreen, and for most applications it’s easier to use my fingers rather than a mouse or the keyboard. But I don’t find that to be true with Renoise, perhaps because so much of it is keyboard-centric.

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Tnx for the reply. In that case I can imagine that a keyboard still feels the best.

I can get a 65 inch touchscreen and I was wondering how the experience of Renoise will be on that.

In general, I agree with James’s statement. I think if they added a control panel for effects and synthesizers like the m8 tracker. it would be much more practical.

especially it would be cool if it was possible to control synthesizers created on the basis of lua

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There are control panels, like in sliders etc. Thats why I am thinking on the possibilities. Exchange all midi controllers too with a touch, but it’s a big try and step.

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Renoise supports the OSC protocol. Then you can buy TouchOSC for ios/android and control anything you want. But you need to dive into lot of setup/configuration work.


of course there are all these devices, but it seems to me that the option I proposed is more in the concept of a tracker interface.