Tr808 Samples

Hi, some time ago I posted a question asking where I could find Enigma type drum samples… Somebody provided me a link to some TR808 samples which I downloaded and lost during an upgrade. I searched the forum, found the answer to my post, but I’m afraid the link is no longer valid.

Does anyone have a similar link they can provide me with? Better still, can anyone recommend a good lightweight free sample pack of a basic drum kit - ie. bass drum, snare hi-hat (in WAV 44.1kHz format).


I may have some in my sample Libary from when I recorded hits from my old 808 about 8 years ago. I’ll have to dig through some of my old cd’s and hardware, can’t promise anything but I’ll look. I know where my 909 samples are at least.

I’ve got other drum hits though, such as from machines like the Jomox’s.

For all your drummachine samples visit:

That’s quite a few but still quite allot of drummachines missing from the list. But still a handy site if you don’t have drummachines as hardware to use for your own recordings.

No kidding! Now I’m overwhelmed by the amount of them… Of course the 808 one is the one that seems to require a donation. :-/ I’ll just pick any… I just want one for a sequencing program I’m writing - just so I can knock up some test patterns etc - And don’t worry - this program is nothing thats going to compete with the awesome Renoise of course - this is just for my iPod. You simply cannot beat the amazing Renoise!! :)

Happy you found something you can use to carry on with your production.

DDRC11 was all about 808s but unfortunately the pack I put up with all my samples has gone. There is still this one active which was provided by another member which may be of interest though.

Thanks heaps guys! If I can get these kids off to bed I may be able to do something with them! :slight_smile:

i have a extensive kit op 808 samples recorded with high end gear at 24 bits with also a lot of variations (different settings for pitch decay snap etc etc). found this on the net and the package was called something like TTS 808 package.

contact me by private message ;)

Thanks Endonyx but I’m all sorted. :)

oke no problem :)