Tr909 Vsti Question

Hi fellas,

I had in the past a “Novation Drumstation” which is a hardware TR-909/TR-808 emulator that I used to use alongside Cubase (At those obscure times when FT2 was dead and Renoise didn’t exist), I sold it because I wanted to go completly digital some years ago, however I am still unable to find a proper replacement.

I basically want the classic TR-909 “sound” but I want to call the sounds from my Renoise tracks, I don’t like to program patterns the TR909-way using tiny screen switches (for today’s resolutions) so ReBirth is not an option.

At the moment I use just TR-909 samples like standard Renoise samples but it doesn’t give me the same result.

I doesn’t need to be perfect TR-909 emulation but the sound must be very organic analog sounding, not something that sounds like “an Amiga mod” which is the kind of sound that I get by using normal samples from within Renoise. If you know about a standalone VSTi like Drumatic or a SamplePlayer that can produce decent results please let me know about it.

Thanks in advance


attack is nice, very ruff raw sound, and can even make baselines.

as an alternative, you could check out the free drumatic (V3 is awesome) or CM505, that computer music drum synth. Not as flexible as attack, but useful too.

Hey Sexton, I’ve always believed in “analog” synthesized drum computers for being “alive”, with small changes with every hit never boring out the listener. Digital kits got very smart around this, which made me go from hardware (Jomox Alphabase) to software (D16 Group). Best emulations I have used: Drumazon2, Nepheton and Nithonat, all by D16 Group. Definitely worth checking out: