Track bouncing issues

Hey guys!

I’ve made a nice Boombap thingy which I wanted to shape further, but now I’ve got an issue when bouncing single tracks from Renoise to another DAW. All of the tracks have the same length, as well as the same filesize. When importing the single tracks into live and playing them, it totally differs from what I did in Renoise. Some tracks have the exact same starting point, but other tracks seem to be shifted. I won’t even try to manually shift the tracks until it sounds “right”. I’ve spent too much time creating that groove in Renoise and want it to sound exactly the way I programmed that thing.

Some additional information:

  • I used both offline / realtime export, but the result is the same

  • I used a lot of track delays

  • I exported single channels / tracks, not patterns

  • I used Renoise 3.0.0 (never had any issues for what I do)

  • in Live, I disabled the warp function

Hope you guys can help a brother out =)

It sounds to me like the export stems option is ignoring track delay. If that’s the case, I think replacing your track delays with delay effect set to 0 feedback and mute source would fix it, as long as you didn’t have any negative value track delays.

Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately I use both track delays as well as the delay effect. Not being able to use track delays would be a huge setback for me creatively.

If it true that the export stems options is ignoring the track delay, wouldn’t that be an issue that needs to be fixed? I’ll download the new version of Renoise rightaway and check if this it what causes my problem.

Thank God, it doesn’t have anything to do with Renoise! I’m not exactly sure what it was, but importing the tracks into Live with the warp function off by default helped.

Lol, I feel so embarassed now… Back to work! :drummer: