Track Clipping Led

Hi again,

I’ve found that one thing makes it hard to mix channels in renoise. On an ordinary analogue mixer you usually have a little red light that starts blinking when the sound of the channel is above 100%. Above that, and your mixer will usually start clipping or distort. In renoise, of course, the sound won’t distort just because it’s above the 100% level, unless you render the track. Still it would be helpful to know just where the 100% level is so that you have some sort of reference for how loud your different tracks are playing in the mix.

The way this could be implemented is by putting a little red “light” on the volume control in the first step of the DSP Chain window. Another way could be to put a red clipping “dot” at the top of each pattern in the pattern view.

My apologies if this has already been suggested or if this feature is already available in renoise and i just haven’t found it. :)

But tracks don’t clip, if you want to see if your track clips in the overal harmony, you could monitor the master level meter which gives a good indication if your track(s) clip yes or no (using the mute options).
Then there is the soft-clipping option in the config menu’s that performs a sort of compression on the master track. Though i rather advise to compress (or sidechain) the track(s) and monitor their clipping state in the master level-meter on top. You will notice that the clip-boxes will lit red as soon as your track(s) go over the clipping point.
Don’t mix a single track to a level that it just barely doesn’t make the clipping level in the master-track, as combined with other tracks you might easily over-amp it anyway. And if you do, try (alter) compressing (of) the tracks that show a high amplification level.

I know tracks don’t clip. For mixing purposes, it might have been more practical if they did.

Noted. However, i’d still think it was more practical if there were individual clip boxes like that for every track, that light up even if there is no audible clipping. Muting and unmuting tracks just to see if each track is above my 100% level, is a time-consuming task. In renoise i’m usually stuck with multiple Gainer devices on each track and i have a hard time knowing just how loud my track is playing, without muting everything except my track and checking it against the master meter. I don’t see why renoise wouldn’t need this feature, when it’s essential on pretty much all analogue mixers.

I know it’s easy to complain but i think this might be a simple-to-implement feature which will solve some of the the problems with mixing in renoise that many people have.

Yup, I’m experiencing the same problems as polardark, music production will be so much faster if each channel has is own clipping indicator! :walkman: