Track Collapsing In Pattern Editor And Mixer Should Be Independent

I don´t know if this is possible, but if it´s not, it should be. Collapsing of tracks in the pattern editor and mixer should be independent of each other, or at least there should be a way to toggle this behavior. Even if you don´t need to se the notes of every track, you might still want to have the entire mixer panel available when you switch between the two. Or at least i do :)

+1 for independence between the two. although I never use the mixer, the idea makes sense to me

I think too.

Perhaps an option to tie them.

for you maybe…

I agree with this… it’d be cool if there was a way to toggle this but to say they should be independent is just your opinion.


Of course it´s my opinion. I said it. No need to get pissy.

Yeah i would suggest to have switch for tie them or make separate, coz sometimes there is need to have them separated…

easy, killer.
You’re topic and wording was a little misleading.
You expect it to be independent, so that’s the way it should be for everyone?
I don’t think that’s what you meant, right?
The behavior you suggest is a good suggestion, it just should be optional.

Well, if you read my post you will find that i do indeed say that it at least should be optional. And my last sentence should indicate that i do indeed see this as something which I would find useful. So let´s just agree to agree and leave it there :)


ps my top about this problem