Track Colors

hi everybody, i have a stupid little question: is it possible to assign different colours to tracks? when i use more than 16-20 tracks it becomes confusing and i start placing bass on snare tracks and stuff like that (ouch), even when i give the track descent names. thanks!

sorry, this is not possible in Renoise 2.1

its a thing thats been suggested before,and alot of people would like to see in renoise,so i wonder if its not going to get implemented into renoise in a future release

thanks for replying. i hope the developpers will implement this in future versions. i often work with renoise as a sketchpad: loads of tracks muted, unused or waiting to be used or to be rendered to sample with other tracks. it quickly becomes a mess. (funny thing is that a mate of mine has the same problem in ableton :D )

Naming tracks doesn’t help?

nah, even with capitals… for me it’s not visible enough. also with more than 20 channels it becomes a lot of sidescrolling, if every 5th or 8th channel would have another colour just like every quarter note has a grey scale-line i’d be already happy!

If you would use lower chars on all odd tracks and upper case chars on all even tracks, you also have some distinction in the track naming convention…
Or use Capitals in titles for tracks using heavy / prominent instruments and lower case for tracks using subtile instruments.

this is what i do now, but when composing quickly i f*ck it up in no time. also coloured tracks would make it far more easier to make groups, or just have a neat overview w/o always having to look at the track ‘head’

when i show renoise to friends they get scared away because of the lack of an arrange view, for me that’s not a problem at all but the colouring thing would be a good compensation for this imho

(and i’m kind of embarassed when those guys ask me for a certain break or edit and it takes me half an hour to find out because there are 10 channels named break a, heavy break…)

That is simply a problem with naming convention pattern-wise… track colours will not solve that either.
But that does not look like it needs a fix with colours but more using a more elegant description style like “relaxed pacific break” or “glass-smasher break” etc.

ok my naming could be more effecient, but if i could give all the break-channels a colour i wouldn’t even have to look at the name, i’d still remember which green track was which break.

some people are very neat and structured, i’m not (sorry didn’t make myself, i’m more of a visual kinda guy) so track colours would help me a lot.

i always used to work with colours in other sequencers and after a while i have a visual representation in my head of the tune (literally coloured blocks), that’s the kind of structure i sometimes miss in renoise… (but i love renoise, don’t get me wrong!)