Track Customizing

hi everybody…

renoise is a great music program

so amazing…

the only problem he had that is a composer not a live session program

for that it would be cool to have this new features:

independant block looping per tracks

and independant length per tracks…


ehem, microphone test, ok. You mean we’re going put an exact value for the whole track?

like this:
track select < 64>
block <1/4>
loop <4/4>

i’m sorry i don’t speak english verry well and to bad in drawing!!!

track select : each track as their “preset memory” like an nrpn

the block looping is the same system that the master pattern block looping but independant for each track!!!

loop is time signature loop length not in hexadecimal
but like 1/4 2/4 3/4 7/4…
like 32 steps 64 step …but syncronious in time with the " master general clock"

hum diabolical!

i think the basic idea behind what you are suggesting has been discussed under the “Arranger” category of feature requests.

As far as i know this a somewhat popular thought, and may show up in a future version of the software. i have nothing to do with the development though, so i could be off base with that prediction.

it really would be a fantastic feature though.

yes thanks i hope so!!! i gonna inspect the “arranger” category

it could be amazing in live sessions… :dribble:

and can be quicker for composing certain grooves!!! :guitar:

but the devil for a newbie!!! <_<

I think the only problem I have with Renoise is the fact that the track colum background colours cannot be customised. Different shades per track would make it so easier to navigate through tunes. I always use the track labels at the top but its still not intuitive - lots of black columns and numbers keep the appearance of the program like a hex editor.

Please guys, lets have some track background colour customisation. That can’t be a difficult feature to add surely?? (Says me, a developer).



but I would wish that with would come the ability to select multiple tracks, to set the color for them, or to mute them, turn them off, move them around, etc.

right now there is no way to “select” a track except putting the edit cursor there, and that needs to change IMHO. not to hijack this, just a note, I think I suggested this a while ago.