Track Dedicated Instruments


I want to introduce an idea I’ve had for a while now. I’m curious if more people are interested.
The idea is to be able to dedicate instruments to certain tracks. So that would mean that if you, for example, double click track 1, the instrument dedicated to track 1 is automatically selected.
This, ofcourse, has to be a ‘soft’ selection, so you’ll still be able to select other instruments.
The idea arose because I always work with one instrument per track and quickly adding something to other tracks than the one I was working on got a little tedious after a while.

Well, I hope this gets some attention. Let me know what you think!

i like this idea. could it be scripted?


  • Right click instrument → ‘Bind to current track’.
  • Store track_index, instrument_index bindings in a table
  • On track change, search table for track_index. If found, set current_instrument_index

The magic is handling track / instrument reordering!

What’s the benefit compared to the “Auto-capture instrument from pattern” feature?

You already can bind instruments to specific tracks by selecting your midi device for that instrument in its midi in properties, but ofcourse it works a bit ackward having to unselect the instrument to work with another instrument using the same midi device. (If you don’t deselect it, multiple instruments will be recorded on multiple tracks)

Yeah! Thats exactly what I meant :lol:

There is already a tool which does that (it does that better than the native solution)