Track: Dodo Jr, Label: Terminal Dusk


I’ve uploaded a track on my ‘myspace’ site that was featured on the fantastic compilation from Terminal Dusk called ‘crimson’( in 2005.

If you haven’t copped that already or soulseeked it, buy the shit!

listen to my entry ‘dodo jr’ here:



Weeee! :D

Didn’t expect melodies and a “normal” structure in a song by you, hehe… Liked!

I never thought I’d say this…but…I’m sick of the amen break.

sorry it had to happen while I was listening to your track dude…its good shit and stuff, just something randomly made me decide “ok, thats it. no more amens, ever”

I dont think its to do with your music, just incidental, but it tainted the experience ;)

You’re going to hell for saying that :o

Hey sagosen, I make all kinds of music :) glad you liked it.

alexstrain: "just something randomly made me decide “ok, thats it. no more amens, ever”

hah, sorry man. I kinda get the general boredom with the ever returning amen. It’s like, what the 909 kit is to techno. I still love it though, especially when new shit happens to it. I guess it’s nostalgia linked with my jungle upbringing . cheers for listening.

forever and ever… amen!!!

for real tho, the only amens i cant stand is when theyve been mutilated with propellorheads recycle. its as if there was no thinking what so ever.
you can usually tell too, there was a span of about 6 months in the ragga jungle game about 2 years ago when they all started deciding “they didnt like the amen anymore” an then the newcomers came and made some absolute shit recycle edits. the labels became so desperate some even got Pressed!!!

jonas: dodo jr is the first thing i ever heard of yours, i bought the vinyl, an was sad they didnt put it on there. at the time i had only heard the clip tho.
about 6 months later i happened to be talking to someone how had the mp3.
i was kinda astonished the begining didnt go further, that was indeed my most favorite part. hours an hours worth of permutations of the begining 15 seconds would probably keep me happy for years!!!

I pass all blame squarely onto Lawrence Davies for giving me instajungle.
instajungle amen recipe:

crack open one amen, and pour contents into renoise.
put a send on its track but dont mute the output to current track
after the send add one full cup of instajungle and set it up with your midi controller
on the send track map the main volume to a stomp enable/disable type button on your midi controller
Finally, add a gate that kills all but the big kicks and snares in the send track (violently if you must)

Then serve, and enjoy!

The Winstons say they don’t care. :drummer:

I’ve got (or had) Crimson on vinyl but don’t think I’ve heard your track if it’s not on there. Will give it a listen now :D

yeah man,
I actually like this one… I see you’ve made some concessions towards the ‘rules of music’.

thnx all.

choice: ‘i was kinda astonished the begining didnt go further, that was indeed my most favorite part.’

mine too, maybe… if I can find time (& the source files)… I’ll extend or build a track around that ‘seize the seckle’ bit.


dodo jr.

For me, everytime I hear the “you betcha” snare I think squarepusher. You didn’t use it that often and the track stands out on it’s own. I was into it. I really liked the melodic elements. Nice one.