Track Editor - Position Cursor With 1 Click

There could be two optional but usefull features in track editor:

  1. Position editor cursor with just 1 mouse click.
  2. Disable pattern scroll to current cursor position (scrolling is not needed for me if pattern is short and it fits on one screen)

Re 1: Just double-click somewhere in the pattern grid and the cursor goes there…

Re 2: Check out the two buttons located at the right of the chord button (the icon that looks like a bit of a piano), upper left corner area of the screen…

  1. I knew that. What single click is for?
  2. Those buttons are not solution, after doubleclick pattern centers on cursor position.

1 = already possible if you have a mouse with a ‘middle click’ button. Middle click and the cursor will follow.

edit: middle click button = clickable scrollwheel

All I need is just to edit pattern like text document. Click here and there and put some notes without annoying
pattern scrolling and double or middle clicks. I hope you understand what I mean.

I don’t think I get what you mean exactly, please elaborate :) When record mode is enabled & song is stopped, middle clicking with the scrollwheel takes you to the desired edit line, pressing a key enters the note, if you now middle click somewhere else in the pattern you can enter another note on that spot…

just like left mouse clicking in notepad would take you to the desired line & keyboard input would enter letters/numbers.

Are you trying to do this while your song is playing? Then it won’t work, you either need to stop the song from playing or disable pattern follow.

If your mouse doesn’t have a middle click… get a new mouse.

Furthermore: Middle click needs more precision, ie. you should be able to click on volume, panning and command digits individually…

It’s OK :) ,but everytime I double or middle-click, pattern scrolls to that position (centers on that position). I just want option to SWITCH IT OFF. Try it if you still don’t know what I mean.

I have middle mouse button but left one is better! :)

ah, I see what you mean…I don’t mind the pattern jumping with the view. Is there a special reason why you’d like to see this changed?

The only reason why you would need this is that you loose some of the rows (you might need to consider) when the pattern scrolls to fit the cursor at the middle. I recommend you to close upper and lower panes while editing patterns, so you’d save all the GUI for the pattern editor.

edit: Or is there another reason?

Yes!, finally someone understood me! :)
Thank you.
I just got used to “non-scrollable” editors (i.e. Buzz or text editors)
and this jumping annoys me a little.
One option could help me and perhaps other renoise-beginners.