Track Group Behaviour.

I use track groups quite frequently because it saves a lot of space, and keeps things a bit more structured. Although it’s a bit tideous to expand and collapse tracks all the time so i thought about 2 nice features that would be neat.

  1. Auto-expand minimized tracks when the pattern cursor is in the track… And automatic minimize again of course when the cursor is in another track. Would be awesome, instead of using that tiny tiny arrow at the top of the track. If selected track is in a group it would be great if all tracks in the group was expanded and collapsed.

  2. Auto collapse all tracks except selected. A nice little checkbox somewhere allowing you to always used collapsed tracks except the ones you’re editing.


Single Track Edit Mode not suitable for you?

First button:

  1. should probably be scriptable too, if it hasn’t already been done…

EDIT: Whoops, already answered.

Ahhh whadda ya know!!! Renoise getting too super advanced, hard to keep track of all neat features… :P