Track/Group structure and setup savable/mergeable ?

Hi everyone,

today I could have used a feature that’s somewhat related

to the topic “project template management”, but is not exactly

the same.

Is it possible to add a feature, which lets you select tracks

or groups e.g. in the mixing pane and save them into a file ?

Before saving a dialog appears, asking for the elements

to be saved: Devices, contents (i.e. the notes), volumes,

pannings, autmation curves, instruments, etc. By default

all are turned on.

Conflicting assignments simply should be remapped, no fancy

“two-tracks-or-instruments-melting-into-one”-feature, just

adding elements.

Pure speculation: At the programming side this shouldn’t

be too far away from saving/loading songs.

Background: It’s always the same procedure to set up certain

things, e.g. a vocoder. I think it would be quite convenient to

be able to merge such setups into existing song projects.

(context menu)->“Merge track structure…”

I know of saving device chains, but this handles just a part

of that idea.

Thx even for reading & regards,


Saving full tracks/ groups in renoise would be great! Even better with the options you mention.