Track headroom: Values <-12db please!


I’m often using lower values than -12 on tracks in other DAWs these days.

I can work around this with tons of gainers of course, but would be nice to increase the range on the track headroom value.


That’s one dude that doesn’ suffer from hearing loss

I like the track headroom but haven’t figured out a way to make it work nicely with sample headroom. Here’s what I mean…

You set your track headroom at -12. You can put effects on your tracks and they’ll all be dealing with stuff at a sensible level. But if you use a sample based instrument with an effects chain, the samples will be too hot for the effects chain. So now you change the instrument volume to -12 (which sets the sample input volume), and now the signal coming into the track is really low.

It wasn’t a problem when we didn’t have instrument effects chains, but now we do… I don’t know how to fix it, but there could be a better interaction between the sample instrument gain and the track headroom.

i don’t know why u need track headroom at all… there is a slider on the left? :badteeth:

So you don’t have to adjust it each time. Most samples are normalized, and most VST instruments are super loud by default.