Track i made today

hey guys, just got done making this track a couple of hours ago, i wanted to go more in the direction of making actual drum’n bass/jungle tracks, but i could never get a good idea down, and i would just have unfinished projects and half-assed attempts. But i think i really like this one and I’m very excited to show it to you all.

I limited my self to 4 tracks only. My thought process was that, it would force me to really consider what to do for each section of my song, and it would leave only the most vital elements, things that would be essential in my eyes, in the song. This basically meant that i wouldn’t get hung up on very minuscule things in the song making process like “which hi hat/cymbal to use?”, or something of that nature.

It’s not 100 percent native though, i use the RX950 plugin for the filtering, and some other stuff, but the core things like the faders in the mix section are normal.

The main inspiration for this track was me trying an interesting spin on songs and artists that i really enjoy, 18 Carat Affair being the main one behind this one, so at the end of the day, i just hope it’s interesting enough or just enjoyable enough for people to dig it.

Tom and Jerry’s “Maximun Style” where it’s use of “Lover To Lover”, by Maxi Anderson, creates a sort of “lounge-jungle” is the type of splicing i really enjoy, so that was also a big influence.


Here’s the XRNI file: 18 Carat Affair 2

There you can take a peak at what i was doing, you can remix it, take samples/instruments, do whatever you please.

As always, if you got any feedback, composition, general mixing, a specific section, or anything of that sort, feel free to share.

I think that’s all i got for now, thanks for taking the time to listen and i hope you enjoy.


rendered out the stems, just in case anyone wanted them.

I liked the fantasy track but the fantasy island is unfinished so post the finished version when you can

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I like your progression in creating music, Manuel. I also like that you’re limiting yourself to 4 tracks and try to get the best out of it. It’s not that easy to create something really good with only 4 tracks, so it’s a good practice. I did the same back then, but in my case it was because of technical limitations of my former DAW on Amiga called Soundtracker.

If you’re focussing on Drum ‘N’ Bass and Jungle, I would also bring some melody into your songs, not only drums and maybe some single noises in the background. It would be much more enjoyable. Just listen to your own example Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style and you will know what I mean. If there are only drums and perhaps some noises, it seems to be unfinished. Instead I would prefer a combination of mellow pads and melodies and great beats.

Well, it’s just a loop. :slightly_smiling_face:
Possibly inspired by Enigma - Sadeness.


dope. really nice programming, energy, & vibe all around :+1:

I might like to hear a little more attention given to the bass. It could use a little more energy/timbral variation, imo.

well done!

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thanks for commenting! I know what you mean with the second paragraph, looking back at the actually module, there was definitely some sections where i think something more needed to be put there for some needed variation. But i guess I’ll just have to be more mindful of that when I’m creating, and try to really focus on when a section needs something more, like what you said, a melody, or something else.

Thanks again for listening, dude, cheers!

thanks bro, appreciate it.