Track I made two days ago

This is a track that made two days ago, any and all feedback, whether it be mixing related, composition, or something else entirely, is welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and without further adieu, i hope you enjoy


Not bad but I think you over did it with the complexity on the drums.Think about how to make it more evolving ,I mean I know this type of track needs complex and glitchy drums but let other elements rise by narrowing the drums a little .

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Thanks for the feedback, i’ll try to keep that in mind for my next song, have a good evening.

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Nice one. Personally, I like the work you did on the drums. It’s totally appropriate for the genre.

I would add a lot more movement in that bells-like sample—it doesn’t change at all, which can get tiring to listen to. Each pass should have something different happening: adding/swelling reverb, panning/width, bitcrush/adding harmonics, delays, reversing, the occasional retrigger, subtle filter sweeps—the possibilities are endless. If you’ve already got stuff going on, it doesn’t sound like it changes ever, so make those effects less subtle.

The only other thing I can think of is the track is missing some “whump”, either via a bass line or some additional occasional deep kicks thrown in to beef up the drum parts.

If you threw in a sick bass line (a filtered reese?) and modulated that bells sample, this track would totally kill.

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Thanks, i’ll try to focus more on making elements have more variety, or at least movement, like you said in your comment, also after taking a look back at the actual file. It seems i killed the low end completely due to high passing, making the mix overly thin, so i’ll definitely try not to do that next time.

But thanks again for taking the time to listen and deliver feedback, you have a nice evening.

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I’m also missing a bit of punch and I think you could separate the instruments better. I sounds a bit washy to me. It could also be louder imo without being over compressed. What I don’t like is the hard panning.

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for the feedback, i’ll try to keep panning and loudness in mind on my next release. You have a nice evening.

Ahh… and don’t try too long with improvements and just make a new track. At least in my experience at isn’t worth the effort and the tracks get rarely better.


I like it a lot but I definitely miss some punchy low end, especially for the kick drums, but not only. Nice job anyways. Very interesting pace change at around 03:00.

Thanks, i basically committed the sin of just high passing everything besides the chimes, so i’ll definitely be sure not to make that mistake again.

But enough about me, thanks again for taking the time to listen and give feedback.

Very nice rhythms…you excel at making the breakbeats talk. Please do more stuff like this…

But tune would be more interesting with a bass instrument, like classic drum&bass 808 bass, soft reese bass, or something different like this. I think it is okay for breakbeats of this kind to have little or no (sub)bass and punching rather high, just like you have done it, but you need something else in there to make the bass frequencies vibrate and give some weight to the tune…

Sorry for the relatively late reply, but thanks for your feedback, i’ll definitely experiment with some more instruments next song, and even though i sound like a broken record, be careful with the low end.

Again thanks for taking the time to listen, you have a nice day.

Realy cool !! But need more clean mix and mastering !! (for me…) thx !!!

Cool track. I like the chimes and the pitched down pad. Drums are cool from a technical perspective but they lack groove. And like everyone else said it needs some bass detail.