Track Increase Of All Velocity Values?

Is there a quick way to boost the velocity of all notes in a track? I have a tendency to not hit my midi keyboard as hard as I need to when its on the kitchen table… just wondering if there was an easy way to add a 20% increase or so to all the selected notes?


2987 renoise_advanced_edit.png

  • Open Advanced Edit via the [A<>E] button in the upper right corner of the Pattern Editor.
  • Set the area you want to work with (selection in pattern, track in pattern, track in song, etc).
  • Set the content mask you want to work with (right click the checkboxes to quickly solo/unsolo).
  • Apply your modifiers in the Vol/Pan/Delay/FX section. A boost of 20% would be a Mul (Multiply) by a factor of 1.20.

Thanks dblue - its been about 2 years since I last used Renoise… forgot all about Advanced Edit! Cheers.