Track Locks: A much needed feature in Renoise!

Hello dear friends,
Recently, I was working on the next cover of my new release in a graphic editor, and the following thought came to me: Why is there no Global “Lock” button on channels and tracks in any DAW? It would be great if Renoise became the first DAW to have such a button on every channel. I think that such a function is very necessary for any producer, since I personally work on large projects, and sometimes the number of channels or tracks reaches 100. In such arrangements, you can accidentally hit any parameter of any channel, inadvertently turn up or down the volume, hit some either the regulator from the filter, or move a pattern to the wrong place, maybe delete it by mistake …
Such a button will serve as a lock that will disable the entire channel and prevent any accidental modifications while the “Lock” button is enabled, as in graphic editors, when we Lock a layer so as not to miss with it.

I would like to draw the attention of the developers to take this suggestion into account, because, in my opinion, such a button will simply make life easier for many producers who often work on huge projects.


Logic has this feature. Or at least used to before it got heavily Appleised. Track hiding is another useful thing that Logic has. Great for minimising screen clutter.


Iv never used Logic before. The question is, does it lock everything that is connected to the channel itself, including the instrument parameters, dsp parameters, pans and volume, notes and automation?

You probably know this already, so just in case: In Renoise you can’t hide tracks but you can minimize them. That helps a lot with the clutter, too.

All those functions are cosmetic visuals. I am talking about locking parameters, midi, patterns-in-place…etc. Folded and unfolded tracks/patterns look more confusing while working on a project of 100 tracks.

As a permanently afflicted klutz i would appreciate this enormously, being able to lock a channel/track would be wonderful.

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In fact, such a function helps to prevent any accidental interference from external controllers, if any. It often happens that I accidentally hit one or another knob, or just stupidly pulled the modulation wheel with the edge of my hand. and it’s just a huge headache when the synth, as a result of all this, radically changes its sound.

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My answer is: don’t know, sorry! Been a long time since i used Logic, but am going to set up a dedicated Logic 9 box soon, so will check back in if you’re interested.

A quick way to avoid any accidental changes to a track is to freeze it. Not in dear old Renoise, of course. But for other programs it is a simple way to… uh… ‘freeze’ the track in one state… :cold_face:

As far as I know, there is no such function in any DAW.
About the freezing thing, i used to apply it in A6leton, but it is just a “Render in place” with a rollback option. It does not disable/lock the control of all parameters. In Rea$on there is Bounce\bounce in place and freeze options, but not Lock.
I would be easier to just lock/unlock a track instead of freezing it, which floods the RAM & storage.

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Or maybe snapshot system, so user can save snapshots of all tracks state (or per track) and switch between them. I think we can use such feature in many creative ways even for live performance


Following. Very much needed feature indeed.

And snapshots like mentioned above would be great too. Also for the mixer. Like in having a good mix set up, store that to a snapshot so it’s always possible to recall that snapshot.

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