Track Notepad

Love the Song Comments window which I usually store my lyrics.

Would be great if we could have a way to write things for each track as well. I suppose that it wont be much of a problem to implement it like the screenshot suggest.

At the Track DSP ruler we just add the option “Notepad” and up comes a blank track insert where one can type just like in the Song comments window.

Nice and easy feature to store messages or information about the track to oneself for later.

I like this idea very much.

+1 too
and would be very nice to save note with DSP chain

This has been requested before…

+1 !!

Hope the developers can concider implementing this easy request for the next release.

i’ld rather have a sort of “properties” context option that simply pops up a dialogue where these kind of comments can be added to any plugin, pattern or track.
a note-pad plugin does not belong among effect plugins.

Love the idea!! I miss this very much, always have to put notes in song comments…

The bright side of it is that you always know where your notes are.
If you have to stash them away throughout the whole song, you might loose track of what is where.

For more general notes this is OK.
But for more specific notes it is much better to have a device.
Later this (any)device could be added to instrument, clips, patterns, samples etc.
Very useful for more complex works.
EDIT: read your earlier comment again. Guess we are talking about the same after all.
If this should be a separate device or not I guess is debatable. As long as you are allowed to put comments wherever you want.

Yeah, but I often write down how all seperate tracks are treating the sound and having that information
in the track itself would be killa, it would actually HELP giving overview.

Well that was pretty much the sense of my response; I mean -> Operating systems work this way, why should Renoise do it different by having clutter-options instead?
Then we could also remove the question marks on the top-right of every plugin and replace it by this generic “properties” feature that every context menu (right-click) will then show on the bottom.
The properties panel then just also having this comments tab.
That is my simple way of adding what is wished, yet not cluttering the layout space-wasting icons or frames.