Track Overwrite On Record

Hi guys,

Maybe this is a stupid question, but what the hell…

Just wondering if there is a command to OVERWRITE all note information in a track while doing some live-recording? So that all the old note information which may be laying in the track is removed while the new note information is being inputted.
This is a feature I love on the MPC… that you can just quickly try out new takes easy by pressing play+rec without needing to remove allt the old notes / effect commands between the takes. This starts to annoy me when playing live stuff.

I don’t know if this record behaviour exists in renoise and that I’ve only missed it. Because right now it seems like Renoise uses some kind of “overdub” when recording onto a track that currently has notes in it. It only overwrites if the new notes are pressed at the same place as the old notes.

Feeling a bit sleepy right now so I feel my ability to speak and explain stuff in English is rather limited.


not that I know of but if you make use of keyboard commands I’m sure you can reach the same spontaniety. for example ALT + Z will highlight an entire track, follow that by CMD + X which deletes the highlighted notes, commands etc.

det är jättesmidigt :)


needs to be updated for 2.8, if it isn’t converted automatically?

clear track is Shift-F3
clear column is Shift-Ctrl-F3
then press RShift to record new
quick enough??

And yes, renoises ‘chord mode’ can work really confusing when recording on a track that already has some note data in it.