Track presets


Would really like to save and load tracks/groups so that they can be imported to new sessions.
Build a library of useful track types etc.

I’ve set up a big template for my scoring work, lots of tracks with lots of Kontakt instances and lots of aliases to the channels within Kontakt. Each channel has it’s own track with it’s own MIDI controller …
The template is 3gb with no patches loaded - just the Kontakt instances … it’s insane. It rises to 8gb with all instances of Kontakt loaded with sample-purged patches, rising again to 10gb with the patches loaded.

Now I could just go out and buy more RAM but it doesnt solve the fundamental problem. There is no rational way of deleting/loading a big group of tracks (like STRINGS, BRASS, PERCUSSION etc) to assemble the kind of session you need. So the whole thing needs to be loaded (slow) and then the elements you feel that are not needed can be deleted… what if you want them back? No can do.

Take heart, I get that Renoise was probably not designed for the kind of stick I’m giving it, but I do love it … above Live, Cubase, Reaper and all else for sheer straight forwardness and readability when I’m composing. (that sounded, in retrospect, slightly passive-aggressive… like GIMME MY FEATURES OR IM GOING TO BUY FRUITYLOOPS. Nothing could be further from my intent though*)



*Ive tried fruityloops … honestly … I gave it a fair crack of the whip (2 weeks). My conclusion: Clusterfuck.

I like your little tagline :D I like this idea also.

If you are that desperate, you might be enthusiastic enough to write some export and import tools using the Lua API routines that can do the very job for you.
It doesn’t really have to be that hard either since the iterator API functions to all the work in harvesting the contents of the desired areas.

I knew you couldn’t be serious ;)

I’m afraid my skills in the coding area are well tried and tested (I keep having a go at it periodically - usually when how much I suck at it has become a distant memory).

erm, why do you think that? it is possible since renoise uses vst and it was designed to get that possible. otherwise they should remove the vst plugin interface!

I don’t follow your logic. What I’m trying to say is that Renoise was probably not designed, initially at least, with vast orchestral projects in mind. I think that is fair to say.

simply true!

I’m still not sure what you mean here. I’m not trying to be facetious at all.

Could you maybe elaborate a bit, so I can understand what you are talking about please?

facetious? erm no…and i dunno what to explain here. if someone adds a vst interface to his software you can be sure that he wants the ppl to use it. my tracks are always complicated like this and i see no probs here. if you release a daw, i dont expect the ppl to use it for their spreadsheet purposes B) - what i hate so much is this ugly fanboy jabbering here. get real!

Now I’m really confused. Are you accusing me of ‘ugly fanboy jabbering’?

I’m not discussing the philosophy behind the Renoise VST implementation, of course it’s there to be used!

I’m talking about features that could be added to make working with very large, complex projects easier. Such as saving/loading of track presets etc.
There are many aspects of Renoise that hint at a much simpler, compact overall design and intended usage. Now, as Renoise becomes ever more powerful and we start thinking about more core features, I suggest we also think about these kind of workflow enhancements … things that can be found in other DAWs like Cubase, Reaper, Live etc.

Just trying to help make Renoise a more flexible tool. If that is ‘fanboy jabbering’ then I humbly apologise.

you can be sure that i do not answer on that (i just have a cuss in my head)!

Listen man, if you don’t have anything constructive to add to this discussion why don’t you just go and do something else? Maybe read up on the usage of the English language to, you know, make yourself more comprehensible and less of a dick generally.