Track Preview

I’m looking for some opinions about this track. It still needs some variation in the main part but i would like to know, what your first impression is. Maybe to heavy bass or such?

Greets, Alex


The delay on the clicky kick makes it sound a little sloppy.
Maybe dirty up some of the sounds with slight distortion.

yea, a shaper would help with such kind of sound, but i think you did a pretty complete mix already. I like it alot :)

Thanks for the comments so far! :)

@yank_crime: Yes, i like the click kick that way. Sloppy is a good word for this. BTW, there is no delay on this kick, it’s a very subtle glitch effect which sounds a bit unordered. ;)

@yank_crime & basil: I don’t want to distort to much melody sounds. What i want to achive is, that i have a nice beat, which pushes the main melody straight to the listener. I like the contrast of it.

I’ve also tried to make this song as 3/4 track. Maybe someone with more music theory knowledge can check this, if i reached my goal. I have read about a guy at KVR, who tried to make this, but in the end it was only a bit different arranged track, but still 4/4.

I like it! It’s really hard to suggest anything here. There’s nothing really negative about it that jumped out at me, although I’m not sure how you’re going to extend the arrangement. Post up the finished version when it’s ready! I’d like to hear it.


I’ll post the finished version here, not sure how long it takes, but let’s see. :)