Track removed - for rework. Thank you


I have removed this track to work on it a little more. Thank you

Kind regards,

2 daze j

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I thing your kick needs some eq and maybe use a different one.Also the bass needs some work.As a psy trance track it needs further development but you said you haven’t made a track like this in many years so i can understand the difficulty.

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stoiximan is right, kick and bass need to be more present, bassline on psytrance is very important cos its music for dancing.
Sometimes deleting all the automation, listen to pure structure can give you a clue or some sort of “psy” inspiration :slight_smile:


Do you have any examples of a nice mix that you can link. I mean, I could listen to some old classics, but I was curious what your taste is.

If you could link a track or two that you really like, with your style of present kick and bass. I’m also working with knew monitors.

I do have a habit of putting my kicks and bass further back. I always have… I know with Psy it should be a more forward…

Yes of course

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