Track Scopes With Track Colors

it would be absolutely genial if the background of trackscopes would fit the selected track colors!
i know this is not so easy to code, so here the idea how:

Edit / Preferences / Scopes / Show track color blends in scopes

That’s not what you mean?

thank you for replay!
no, i mean a full permanent filled version. i’ve made a mockup, just how to see it would look like, the mok up looks ugly and the real implementation needs some design work, but you maybe get the idea about optimal orientation:

edit: less ugly (but still ugly)

even more less ugly:

regarding better design of this idea:
for example drawn halftransparent ovals in each track or something similiar…
(but this needs some math calculation in the code ;) )

Nice idea. I’d also like to see track colors in scopes, but I don’t wanna use blends in the pattern editor.


by playing around with the mookup i think a thicker osc bar with trackcolours would be enough and less ugly. (added mockup for this in the preview post)

There are two ways I can see it working.

The way it already does, with the background shading. I have purposefully used bright colours and put up the opacity to what I usually use to demonstrate here:

Or the traces themselves taking the colour if opacity is set to 0 I think could be neat too.

Or would you really prefer just a small section the colour?

Imo more confusing then helpful, you guys should spend less time on administration work configuring colors and more on music making! ;)

yeah i also thought about complete colored patterns, but it may be too confusing for some peoples. for me it would also be good! lets hear what tactic says abou 8)

Well, I don’t see the point and logic in having track color blends shown in scopes the way they are now. It would be nice if people who don’t like track color blending would still be able to see the colors in the scopes.

–> switchable would be the key 8)
but for a beginning maybe colored osclines would be enough! (if they would be a little bit thicker).
also a simple colored rectangle frame for each osc would do the job.

Please not completely colored backgrounds or scopes. That’s really too ugly.

I believe it would be enough to place some colored squares or bars into top right/left corners.

Or what about drawing “half-filled” scopes, from baseline to amplitude and negative amplitudes? Looks imo better than a plain line and could be possibly(?) filled with ugly colors.