track scopes

Hi there…

Is there a trick to show only grouped tracks at the track scopes? otherwise its a bit messy to see all the single tracks beside group tracks on the track scopes…

There should be a switch for that!

or atleast it would be nice to have a colored frame around the grouped scopes .

“c:\program files\Renoise V2.8.2\Renoise.exe” “-ScopeTypes 2” (1 = Master, 2= Group, 3=Mast+Group, 4=tracks, 5=Master+tracks, 6=Tracks+groups, 7=all)
If anything fails, read the manual…

thank you for that hint ! for me the additional bar is way to thin and should have the group color. but nice to see that there is already a working solution :)/>

have tried
…Renoise.exe" “-ScopeTypes 5”
…Renoise.exe" “-ScopeTypes5”
…Renoise.exe" -ScopeTypes5
…Renoise.exe" -ScopeTypes 5

(and instead of 5 number 2,3,) and have no differences seen to

(in 2.8.2b)
so, which manual you talking about? the delivered readme.txt is about 2.8.1 and have no ScopeTypes mentioned in.
also the official renoise manual show exact 0 hits.

so i’m feel fooled the second time today -.-

erm…this doesnt work…and no info in the manual?!

(better) Documentation of such command-line arguments would be very much appreciated.

Well, yes indeed (sorry ) but at least you (and some others) did read the manual (which was my teaching for this session). Found anything else interesting you didn’t knew yet along the way?
To get back on topic, i wouldn’t mind the idea of having this toggable option but then ofcourse simply by mouse control and not with some silly commandline arguments.
Commandline arguments are things for script developers or other low level specific stuff most users would not be interested in bothering themselves with.

I’m starting to think this should be fused with the speculation thread