Track using only samples


Track done in Renoise using only samples, no VSTi was allwed. We were allowed to use internal and external FX.

Samplepack is here:


It are best way using trackers. I think Renoise must go in sampler way. For midi and vst go for Cubase or similar. Trackers are ultimate tools for sampling. I wish Renoise choose this path.
Sorry for my English :huh:

sorry for double post :rolleyes:
Sampler like ensoniq ASR 10 or something and with native pitch\time streching and other goodies

XRNS or it didn’t happen.

Though, quite a fine track regardless. :D

I will post the XRNS, no problem :)
But I do use a lot of commercial plugins (that I own, for the record).

Mostly Fabfilter and Waves. Will post later.


Very monotone, but it got me in some kind of trance halfway. Good job :walkman:

You aren’t obliged to choose VST and midi in Renoise, if you want to use only samples, you can make that choice. VST’s and Midi in Renoise aren’t limiting sample based instruments in any way. If you desire for this limitation because there aren’t too many xrns shared, then organise a music competition that obliges users to this limitation, but allow them to assemble their own sample packs.

Btw, nice song Xerxes, it sounds like the usual you :)

No I dont need others .xrns, I just love sample based workflow and wish more sampling tools and options (native advanced time/pitch streching, automation for envelopes and etc.).