Track Volume Fade


I’m a pretty new user to renoise. I studied the manual a bit but didn’t come across a way to fade a whole track (with e.g. several parallel notes in it). Got a hint?


How about using the automation envelopes on the volume fader?

Thanks, I must have missed that :D

Please, help, I can’t understand the track volume control method. Here’s my problem.

This is the track:
C-4 01 28 – --

So, C-4 is note, 01 - instrument/sample number and 28 is volume. That’s clear. So if I want to fade out volume of this note, I just need to do the following: 28…27…26…25 and etc. This works correctly with XRNI or samples. But it fails, when I try this method at VSTi. :(/> I need to get smooth note changes in track - first fades out and second come in. I suppose this should look like this:

C-4 01 28 – -- | — – -- – --
— – 27 – -- | — – -- – --
— – 26 – -- | — – -- – --
— – 25 – -- | — – -- – --
— – 24 – -- | — – -- – --
— – 23 – -- | D-4 01 28 – --
— – 22 – -- | — – -- – --
OFF – -- – -- | — – -- – --

What’s wrong? Where’s my mistake?

VSTI plugins are separated programs on themselves. There are no standard rules for VST plugin developers in how they should respond to velocity values while the note is already triggered. Some VSTi might support this but you have no guarantee.
If they do support some volume change option, they listen to Midi CC commands which you have to send to the plugin, or you simply have to open up the editor of the plugin and set the release value of the preset its envelope if you can do so.
This all depends on if the plugin support such features and which of those and to what level. So consult the manual of the specific plugin and seek for notes about note-specific events using MIDI CC commands or other tricks that can help you out.

If the plugin has no solution whatsoever for note specific options, you can always try to use the Plugin grabber and render the VSTi to an internal instrument, this will remove those limitations. However you will loose other specific plugin features for this action (like being able to control the instrument its behavior and responses).

Damn… I’m trying to control NI Kontakt 5. Will CC commands work for this VST?

Most likely you can send velocity events, but i have no experience with Kontakt myself, perhaps another Kontakt user can give you some straight advise, otherwise the manual should mention it.

I see. Ok, thanks for the answer.

Velocity is only relevant with a Note On. In this case what should be being sent is Polyphonic Aftertouch (to the single note in question.)

If it suits the purpose you could use a Volume Fade on the Track, but it will affect all notes being played.